Invitation to the world of the Jomon Period

  In addition to the fabulous view of distant Mount Fuji at the foot of the Yatsugatake mountains,
with Mount Kaikomagatake and Houosanzan in the forefront, one also has the Idojiri sites to enjoy.
Those who lived in this region during the Jomon Period gave birth to a sophisticated and fabulous
culture.Since excavation in 1958, research and important archaeological remains have revealed that
the Idojiri sites were a center of what may appropriately be called the "Idojiri Culture".

  The Idojiri Archaeological Museum, adjacent to the Idojiri sites, exhibits archaeological remains
explanations of the world and religion of the Jomon period as perceived from the patterns found
on pottery and clay figurines.

  Imagine life among the Jomon people and try to touch their hearts, and they in turn will undoubtedly
tell you something of themselves as well.

Idojiri Site

Idojiri Spring      
The ancient Jomon spring
that never dries up

Idojiri Archaeological Museum


7053 sakai 
Fujimi-machi Suwa-gun
Nagano, JAPAN

By Rail, take Chuo Line and get off
  at Shinanosakai station
By Car, From the Chuo Expressway
  Kobuchizawa Interchange, travel
  towards Shinanosakai for 6
  kilometers (5 minutes)

Opening Time:  
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

the day following a national holiday,
end and beginning of year

Entrance Fee:
       300 yen (240 yen)
Children (elementary, intermediate)
       150 yen (120 yen)
* Shared with Historical Folklore Museum
( ) indicates price for groups of
twenty or more

Telephone     0266-64-2044
Fax         0266-64-2787

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